De Luca Associati works mainly for:

  • Architectural design of building structures like residential, tertiary, industrial, civil and public buildings.

  • Buildings restoration with particular respect to both conservation and attention to new technologies.

  • Design and Supervision of structural works in laminated and XLam Wood, solid wood, steel, folded steel for light structures, normal and compressed reinforced concrete, traditional and reinforced masonry.

  • Design and construction management of superficial and deep foundation buildings, containment projects and bulkheads.

  • Improvement and seismic assessment of existing buildings, reinforcements with FRP

  • Statistical tests

Construction planning
Architectural design of building structures for residential activities, tertiary, civil and industrial services, public works.
A feasibility study is carried out to analyze together with clients main possibilities of intervention, costs and timing of implementation.
The preliminary draft consists in the elaboration of the project, which includes at this stage to cooperate with customers, to discuss about design choices in order to obtain a final solution that meets their requests.
At this stage it is important not only the experience of the architect but also his explanation of the project, which has to be clearly understood by the customer.The three-dimensional graphical design of the project helps the customer to undestand the proposal.
The final project is ready to be approved by the institutions (Municipality, etc.) and therefore to be realized. The completation of the project requires the collaboration with competent technicians (geologists, installers, etc.).
The executive plan defines the project and all details to start the construction. At this stage we develop estimated bills of quantities and specifications in order to estimate the cost of the work.
Structural planning
De Luca e Associati has a specific experience in the following fields of civil engineering:

Seismic design of prefabricated single-storey and multi-storey buildings with traditional or alternative solutions for industrial, logistics, commercial and residential structures.

Verification of seismic vulnerability of existing buildings, planning of consolidation, seismic assessment or improvement.

Analysis of the completed works with particular attention to soil-structure interaction problems and study of vibration phenomena.

Design and construction supervision of structural works in wood laminated and massive, XLam, platform, steel, folded steel for light structures, normal and pressed reinforced concrete, traditional and reinforced masonry. Design of artefacts in structural glass.
Geotechnical structure planning
De Luca Associati works on projects with surface and deep foundation, on assessment of soil-structure interaction problems, on calculating bearing capacity of soils with assessment of subsiding, on calculating structural elements of foundation, on constructing supporting structures such diaphragms in concrete, of special supports, provisional and permanent bulkheads, drainage and consolidation work, piling, nails and green walls, reinforced grounds.
Execution plans
Our services for steel and wooden structures are:
  • Contruction drawings
  • Three-dimensional drawings of details
  • Creation of NC files for automated production of steel elements
Thanks to the experience in the use of specific software for three-dimensional design of complete structures we are able to provide high quality standard elaborate graphics such as:
  • Feasibility study
  • Verification
We use Tecnometal licence (autocad), Tekla structures BIM software.

The reasons why you have to choose us

The first advantage is referring to a team of experts with knowledge in precise areas rather than dealing with different firms.
Our firm allows you to deal with two important professional figures in the contruction field: an architect and an engineer.
Thanks to our skills and collaboration with professionals we can guarantee timely and precise services.

  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge
  • Problem solving
  • Timeliness

Reliability, timeliness and transparency are our strenght that prove the quality of our services. Our competent technicians improve everyday their performance seriously, honestly, on time and effectively.

The technical and cultural knowledge of our firm is based on the professional experience of our partners and colleagues.

In our firm you can find engineers, architects and surveyors: they have in common their interest in environmental issues, which they deal with awareness, expertise and effectiveness.

De Luca Associati collaborates with highly qualified specialists such as geologists, agronomists, lawyers, engineers, etc ... in order to offer a big range of services,that allow the customer to deal just with one person to solve complex problems.

To our opinion being engineers and architects means having the possibility to solve problems efficiently not forgetting the beauty.

Innovation, quality, knowledge, punctuality are important features of our activity.

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