Teatro dei Burattini - Triennale di Milano

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Place: Milan
Typology: Steel structure
Beginning year: 2015
End year: 2015
Work: structural project and construction site supervision
Architectural project: Alessandro e Francesco Mendini

Project description

A theatre for puppets, a project by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, realized with Abet Laminati products in the garden of Triannale di Milano. In association with Atelier Mendini this project is the foreground scene for the garden of Triennale di Milano. Il Teatro dei Burattini.

Francesco Mendini thought about an opening project that comunicates with viewers of all ages; a permanent and durable architecture where puppets talk about the past and imagine the future. A unique project in terms of creativity and structure. This is a positive wish for new tales and old fairy tales that tell us about the Italian culture.

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